Fun and learning
throughout the day

The day is planned to ensure that your child is fully engaged and engrossed in areas of learning and play that will inspire them. There are periods of high energetic activity followed by periods of more sedate learning.


Parents drop their children off from 7.00am. We’ll play together for a while then sit down and have some breakfast.


Now the fun really begins. We’ll do arts and crafts, get in groups to sing, read and rhyme, play outside in the garden… There’s a whole range of different activities laid on throughout the day, all aimed at keeping your kids entertained while learning and developing.


We all sit down to eat our chefs’ delicious meals. Yum!


Time for a snooze… Or a chance for the bigger Learners to unwind with a good book.


More fun activities, learning and play.


Before you take your child home we’ll tell you what they’ve been up to during the day. We’ll show you the things they’ve made and share any special moments with you.